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When Rembrandt van Rijn settled in Amsterdam permanently during the autumn of 1631 he was 25 years of age. The explosive growth of Amsterdam, the city's increasing prosperity and its intellectual freedom all contributed to Rembrandt's decision to leave his hometown Leyden.

As a portrait painter, he was dependent on commissions and there were plenty of rich patrons in Amsterdam.

He met Saskia and they got married on July 22nd 1634. Several years later in 1639, Rembrandt's success as a portrait painter enabled him to purchase an imposing house at the St. Anthoniebreestraat for fl. 13.000,- (now Museum " het Rembrandthuis" - 10 minutes walk from the hotel). It was in this house that his son Titus grew up and his wife died in 1642.

Rembrandt lived and worked here for some twenty years, until a large number of bad debts forced him to dispose of the house. His somewhat awkward financial circumstances most probably derived from the growing criticism that the artist was forced to endure towards the end of his life.

In 1657 his possessions and his house were sold off in two auctions and he moved to the Rozengracht. On October 4th 1669 Rembrandt passed away and was burried in the Westerkerk.